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Tag your creations, please.


Please, creators, tag your stuff with which version of the sims your stuff is for.
Seeing a lot not doing this, and although you might think the picture shows, with the cc coming along for 4, it’s starting to look a bit more like 3 and 2… more like 2, but whatever. Tag please.

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Okay so have you ever had a crush and every time you spoke to them you read way too much into the conversation? Lmao that’s me right now. I’ve got a crush on one of my RAs and like ever since the first day he’s been like eyeing me and stuff and well today we had a fire drill in my residence hall and when we came back in I guess he was doing his rounds and he came up to my suite and was like looking at me most the time and was like “if you need anything, or get locked out I’ll be in room 208” but mind you, when he said that he was looking at me and smiling lmao idk I’m like reading way too much into this but he’s cute okay?

How can one blame me for crushing on this guy lmao


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- September 14th 2004

Happy 10th Anniversary, The Sims 2
Thank-you for a decade of immeasurable fun

Happy big 10 to the best Sim game EVER!

Happy 10th Anniversary to the game that has given me endless hours of pure entertainment!  Where would we be without you? 

such cute gifs! and yay, here’s to ten more!

Yay for Sims 2 - I loves it very much, my precioussess

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willow creek’s night

So beautiful.

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Okay so I got a notification saying that if my sims didn’t pay their bills in 48hrs, they’ll start shutting off the utilities. So…I didn’t pay their bills lmao. I thought it was funny when their power got shut off. I wonder what’s next?

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The baby just kicked!


Why don’t you feel for yourself?

(touches Ginnifer’s belly) I can’t believe this is really happening… we’re going to be parents!

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Cooking With Ginnifer

mood: happy

I personally think the animations in this game are adorable. Especially the “potty walk”. I need to either learn how to lighten dark photos well, or wait until a lighting mod comes out aha

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How to get rid of tutorials in Sims 4



The first step is to open up your origin and right click The Sims 4 game cover.image

Select “Game Properties…” from the menu and a box will come up. Enter the text “—no_tutorial” and click apply. image

Your game should now be tutorial free! [Source]

Thank god.

THANK YOU!! They’re so annoying