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Anonymous sent: A mod actually just came out today for recoloring of CAS content.

Thank you anon!

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Can someone answer this for me?

When you preorder from origin, do they take the money out the day of the release? Or the day you order it? Lol I kinda forgot, and as many times as I ordered through origin I can’t for the life of me remember this!

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A Sims 4 Post:

I think The Sims 4 team should at least implement a color wheel for CAS so at least we have some more options with lipstick colors and hair colors. I don’t even care about changing the clothing color. I just need a color wheel so I can make darker brown hairs and more neutral lipsticks. That’s it. That’s all I ask. Or maybe someone make a mod for that. Idk that’s just how I feel. And maybe if we were able to adjust the shoulder height. I mean we can change the width but not the height? That’s kind of weird to me lol. Maybe somewhere along the line we’ll have that one mod maker create a height adjuster too.

Sorry if this post is like sloppy lol. I’m kinda writing what I’m saying in my mind as it comes to me.

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pixelpicker replied to your post“I like to think I’m a very kind and generous person. Some people are…”
You honestly seem super sweet AND kind! I may be new but you have been and seem really sweet! Xx
Well I’m glad others seem to think so ^_^ thank you!

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I like to think I’m a very kind and generous person. Some people are lucky when they catch me in these types of moods

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Okay, back to Skyrim I gooooo

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When I compare non-edited pictures to edited pictures, I just feel like originals look dry and dull. Idk why I’m saying this xD

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Do you know that feeling you get when you breathe through your nose when you’re sick? That’s how I feel right now and it’s been like that for like a couple days now. Can’t tell if I’m sick, or it’s my allergies. I’m leaning more towards the sick side ha